This is Not Your Relaxation Destination

If you’re looking to relax, zone out for 90 minutes to nature sounds and gently melt some stress from the week…Hurt Craft is not for you.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain that you just can’t handle anymore, a competitive athlete that needs to be in top form, ready to be an active participant in your recovery or just craving that truly deep work…we can take care of you.

All modalities have their place and benefit! We just want you to be fully aware of what we do cause it’s all we do. We are working with what your soft tissue can take, not the blunt pressure you think you need, to break up congestion in your fascia and muscle fibers. Tools like cupping and scraping are a compliment to our method, not the main treatment. Full body work is rare and depends on the severity of the issues you are coming in for.

Our goal is to get you moving and keep you moving.