This is not your typical spa environment! No hot stones, nature sounds or essential oils here. At Hurt Craft Deep Tissue Therapy we cut the fluff and practice a proprietary method of DEEEEP tissue/corrective massage called the Hurt Craft Method to provide our clients extensive relief from chronic pain, athletic training afflictions and much more. Our only purpose is to seek and destroy congestion and adhesions in the soft tissues and keep our clients moving.

Training is provided so new graduates are encouraged to apply!

Please send your resume and any other relevant information to:

Job Type:


Full-Time (W-2 employee), 1 Year Contract

*Please note that Oklahoma is an at-will work state and this contract does not exist to force employment, but outlines and protects our training agreement and employee boundaries and expectations*



-TIPS ARE NOT ACCEPTED– Gratuity is covered in your pay. At Hurt Craft Deep Tissue Therapy, we view this work as treatment. You wouldn’t tip your Physical Therapist or Chiropractor…you won’t tip your Hurt Craft therapist. We will happily discuss this more in the interview.

-Starting pay is $52/hr with fixed raises at 3 and 6 months with additional training. Subsequent raises will be given annually on a performance based scale. Therapists are compensated per booked appointment.


A Little About You:

-Licensed or soon to be licensed – new graduates are encouraged to apply as complete training is provided!

-Professional, punctual, friendly and not afraid of hard work!

-Stoked on anatomy and helping your clients MOVE!

-Strong interest in athletic recovery and corrective bodywork!

-Desire to learn and advance in your methods!”


Hurt Craft Therapists work 4 days a week with a max of 4 appointments a day. Appointments can vary in length from 60, 75 or 90 minutes; at most a therapist could expect up to 6 hours hands on for a full day.

*Note: The work is intense for both the therapist and client! We have set 4 days a week as our standard full-time schedule to ensure longevity and allow a satisfactory work-life balance*



No laundry, folding linens or excessive side work. You are a Massage Therapist not a housekeeper!

No upselling! We don’t believe in add-ons. We exist to provide the best care for our clientele and we want 110% of your effort going into the Hurt Craft Method.

-Paid training at $20/hr

-Guaranteed Sundays off – We’re closed on Sundays!

-Up to $50 monthly gym/fitness studio membership reimbursement

-Up to $250/year CEU reimbursement