What does a typical session at Hurt Craft look like?

We are working with what your soft tissue can take to break up congestion in your fascia and muscle fibers. Tools like cupping and scraping are a compliment to our method, not the main treatment. Full body work is rare and depends on the severity of the issues you are coming in for.

Each session is tailored to you and your body. At the end of each session, you will be given “homework” to help facilitate continued improvement until your next session.

Will I leave with marks on my skin?

It is possible, yes. Now, we aren’t just going ham on you for the hell of it. There’s a method to the madness. Our sole purpose is to seek and destroy your soft tissue restrictions. Sometimes, the work required to break down that tissue can result in redness and minor bruising.

How often should I get a deep tissue massage?

This depends on YOU! Every body is different.

Do Hurt Craft therapists accept tips?

We do not accept tips! All services are flat rate!

While there are multiple reasons for this, the biggest reason is that we see this work as treatment rather than luxury. We expect our clients to commit to and be an active participant in their care. Most of you aren’t on this table because it feels good, it is necessary work. And just like you wouldn’t tip your chiro or physical therapist for treatment…you’re not going to tip your Hurt Craft therapist!

But don’t worry, Hurt Craft therapist pay is set to cover those missing tips.