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All services are flat rate.

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For all first responders, active military, nurses and teachers.




Hurt Craft is amazing

They are extremely professional and explain what they are going to do to help you. They give great advice to help in between sessions. If you like/need a deep tissue/athletic massage contact them ASAP!

– Jackie Rhodes

So thankful for the deep tissue work

I’ve never had true relief from all the built up tension in my neck/shoulders until the therapists at Hurt Craft got to it! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to alleviate tension areas and getting those muscles moving again! 

Rae Lightfoot

Even one session can make a huge difference

Hurt Craft does an excellent job of assessing clients needs and giving them the treatment required to get them back into tip-top form. Even one session can make a huge difference in movement quality and pain management. I highly recommend! 

Colten Rhodes

true lasting relief

Long story short, if you haven’t seen Naomi before, you’ve probably never had a true deep tissue massage. As someone who has suffered with chronically tight muscles and a bad back for the past 15 years, I had seen a lot of therapists over the years. None can compare to Naomi. Her knowledge of anatomy, work ethic, and strength all combine into the best deep tissue massage money can buy. She is the first person that was ever able to get me true lasting relief.

Dan F., Austin, TX

worth every minute of grimacing through the pain

Naomi and I have been working together for about two years. I wish it was longer. I have some chronic issues in my neck and upper back that are triggered by something as simple as a bad pillow or too much computer time. It can get so bad that I cannot turn my head. A 90-minute session with Naomi is the only thing that has allowed me to find relief and I’d go out of my way to book an appointment with her. I’ve tried everything else. One session with Naomi gives me at least a month to 90 days of relief and it’s worth every minute of grimacing through the pain! 

Stephanie H., Austin, TX

feel and perform at your highest potential

In my opinion, Naomi is the GOAT because of her methods and knowledge of the body from the perspective of a competitive athlete. I will say that this isn’t the kind of massage you get your significant other for Valentine’s Day (unless they’re hard core like that). It will be painful, and you might need a safe word, but if your goal is to feel and perform at your highest potential and enjoy lasting results then see Hurt Craft!!

John C., OKC, OK